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Buying online 1
After going through the unit, I felt it was possible to answer the questions without having to do the unit... the questions were more general based than IT

Using online services
many of the quiz answers not found in the unit. Some of the wording in the quiz is confusing.
Like the idea of form filling practice, but couldn’t download from the reassures - have they been removed?

Communicating and Sharing 1
Question regarding deleting an email after sending... poor wording, as you need to delete emails both sent and received as good housekeeping.

E mail slides... not display correctly, on an iPad.

Still dislike white writing on some slides.

Some links need updating on last page.

Digital wellbeing
Good resources, but some of the information is out of date.
Could concentrate more of physical health / what support is needed: there are also other adaptations which are widely available. Could put laptops on books or boxes to raise heights... also legs. Could set a 30 min alarm, might be useful to have links to ‘flight exercises for DVT’, which aid stretching and moving.
Could suggest eye tests as well as screen breaks... may be free to under 18’s.
edited on 19th February 2021

Being responsible online
One of the better units so far regarding ideas for teaching and resources page 7, as we become more reliant and are expected to enhance the digital age.

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