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Supporting special learning needs
as all teaching establishments need to be all inclusive, this module has some great tips

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
learners using their own device is a great idea as it can be set up for their own needs and preference, this module is worth taking a look to explain the benefits, unfortunately in my experience using their own devices makes it is all to easy for the learner to be distracted with access their own social lives where focus on their studies is important.

Learning benefits of text to speech
I personally did not know this technology was available, it will certainly be useful to some of my construction operations learners that have for varied reasons a fairly low level of ability, i can see this enabling them to fully take advantage of the extra curriculum assistance we offer as generally they prefer someone to read for them, but would rather the rest of their group remained unaware.

Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 2)
another very interesting module, some good ideas

Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 1)
very interesting module, collaboration is essential with colleagues, good information within this module

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