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Creating content: adapt and edit content
The subject was relevant to my practice and laid out some useful anecdotes/practices. The exercise for sorting the adaptations was poorly explained and confusing to complete. User interface isn't very friendly either, adds to the headache.

Future proofing content - what does it mean?
Of the modules I've completed, this has been the most egregious in its overuse of overly complicated language to explain what should be simple teaching activities. The subject resonates well with what my teaching team does and there is useful information in here, but the way the information is presented and the activity is laid out seems to have no consideration for being concise.

Finding digital resources online
The examples provided that you had to sort were varied and sufficiently covered the breadth of scenarios that you may well come across when collating teaching resources. Some of the terminologies relating to how they were used were confusing or incorrect however.

Overcoming technical restriction on resources found online
Useful information in regards to providing appropriate attribution for teaching resources being shared between colleageus.

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