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EDS - Using devices and handling information Accessibility - Exploring Accessibility - Adopting Accessibility - Leading Dealing with Difference and Diversity - Adopting Media, Tools and Methods - Adopting - 1 Star The Digital Teacher - Leading - 1 Star Connected and Effective - Adopting Collaborative Practice - Exploring Collaborative Learning - Adopting Collaborative Learning - Leading The Digital Teacher - Exploring - 1 Star Virtual Learning Environment - VLE - Adopting Digital Wellbeing - Exploring Collaborative Learning - Exploring Digital Practice - Leading Virtual Learning Environment - VLE - Leading The Digital Teacher - Adopting - 1 Star Animation and the Moving Image - Adopting - 1 Star Dealing with Difference and Diversity - Exploring Digital Wellbeing - Adopting

Recently Rated

Digital well-being for all (Part 2)
Very good informative unit

The nine protected characteristics
Very thought provoking unit. Not easy to ever get this right in a society where everything seems more under scrutiny than ever before.

Personalised learning pathways
Very much liked this unit. Made me think of new ways learning can be made more creative.

Creating content - video
Excellent unit. Showed me better way to use videos in future learning experience for my students.

Working with Digital media 2

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