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Supporting and evidencing learning using digital media
Totally makes sense. I did not complete the activity correctly twice... although it helped me reflect on the added value such approaches may have.

Extending your digital skills
The animation raises your awareness of the learning wheels and underpinning framework: Communication, Collaboration, Learning Content & Assessment. The Further Resources give good pointers to these too. The learning activity which focused on the Twitter learning wheel would have been better designed with a multiple choice activity.

The Flipped Classroom
I just completed again this module on Flipped Learning as I will be discussing the approach on Friday with a group of FE and HE colleagues. <br /> <br /> Adopting a more active learning approach in our face-to-face sessions makes so much sense. The module is effective in clarifying how the cognitive domain of learning could be prepared by the learners prior to the delivery, and how to fully exploit dynamic in-class activities with a focus on the affective and psychomotor domain learning.
edited on 4th February 2020

Influencing and promoting policy for equitable access
Some excellent guidance on how the Teaching and Learning Strategy should give clear guidance on how learning technologies deliver accessibility & inclusion. The three strategies: Teaching and Learning, Digital and Accessibility & Inclusion should also be aligned to promote equitable access.
edited on 1st February 2020

Accommodating the learner's digital context
The module helps me to reflect on the design choices I can make - as an educator, to meet the challenging digital contexts of my learners.

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