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Vikki Liogier

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Accessibility and the law: Getting it right
Really impressed with Nibbler ( https://nibbler.silktide.com/ ) as a tool to review accessibility of a platform. I also felt that the module was effective in summarising the new accessibility compliance regulation. It helped me in drawing a basic plan of what I need to do by September 2020.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
A stage 1 “Exploring” module that gets us thinking about how best to harness our learners’ mobile devices to enhance accessibility and promote active learning.

Supporting and evidencing learning using digital media
Totally makes sense. I did not complete the activity correctly twice... although it helped me reflect on the added value such approaches may have.

Designing mobile-friendly learning
The module assists in identifying constraints that may need to be considered when designing mobile learning activities. Thought it was very useful!

Accommodating different levels of digital skills
The module helped me understand how important it is to be aware, when using new technologies, not to create any digital barriers and divide. As educators, it is important for us to think outside of our curricula and support learners in developing the skills to live, work and study in a digital society.