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Supporting and evidencing learning using digital media
Totally makes sense. I did not complete the activity correctly twice... although it helped me reflect on the added value such approaches may have.

Using planning tools for managing learning
Since the pandemic and lockdown, we have all learnt how to better integrate and utilise tools for planning activity. Good list in the Further Resources section

Pace, progress and performance
Really like this module on differentiated pace to engage all learners! Some excellent links in the further resources section including the practical UCL Learning Designer Tool https://www.ucl.ac.uk/learning-designer/index.php

Learners managing their own learning
Excellent tips about embedding autonomy and self-management into learners’ work routines. I did not know about MyStudyLife. It sounds like a helpful tool for learners: https://www.mystudylife.com/
For learners to take ownership of their learning it is key for them to understand what evidence they must demonstrate and how they have demonstrated it. They can learn so much by being encouraged to self-assess and peer-assess!

Active learning spaces
An excellent module that helps you in redesigning appropriate learning spaces to foster the desired learning engagement and activity. Good tips!
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