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Alan Ball

Leicester College
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The Flipped Classroom
Good, well formed explanations with an appropriate and direct assessment. Unlike other modules here, the answer wasn't vague and subjective. I'd love to see more scenarios explored in assessment to get ideas flowing.

E-portfolios for PLD (Part 2)
Another module that suffers from poor question phrasing and largely subjective answers. Again, colleagues had different answers for many of the options, all with valid points. These kind of question can work with a facilitator, but online, individual question setting with a definite 'right' answer need to be direct and objective fact.

Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 1)
Good video, crap assessments. Options to categories simply don't fit in either heading without mental gymnastics or a facilitator to discuss with. Seemed like the assessor just wanted a card sort activity and tried to shoehorn something in.

Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 2)
The video is well made and encourages ideas, but the assessment is quite vaguely termed, and without a facilitator to bounce ideas off, it's very difficult to get the 'right' answer. I did this with three colleagues and we all suggested a different answer.

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