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Managing learner progress and performance
This was very much an area of concern, i like the short sequential tasks set however, i can still identify the workload that is needed to set this up but i do like the idea of better monitoring of student engagement. However, in my area we do have question marks on authenticity and could not guarantee the work on a few students was there own and this still troubles me some but again with meetings and discussions through teams etc and networking with others for support i think is good way forward.

The Flipped Classroom
Highlights ownership of learners and preparation prior a session.

New forms and formats for face-to-face teaching and learning
It uses all elements and ensures teaching sessions have a mixed bag of delivery.

New forms and formats for Blended Learning
This is an area i need to explore particularly with the level of learners i teach.

Best tool for the job
Choosing the right tool is important and dependent on class personalities and ability etc.

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