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Accommodating the learner's digital context
A good module to help focus on the need to consider each learner's digital context when designing delivery ahead of our long awaited improvements to the VLE (functionality and access). Thinking about what planning will be necessary to make the most of what the learners can achieve when able to access the new VLE - gaining an initial understanding of their computer literacy. It was also helpful in recognising my need to make time to become familiar with the new offering, learning to become proficient in guiding learners on how to use the in-built tools that can support them.
edited on 10th September 2020

Creating inclusive content: Practice
A good refresher module on creating inclusive content - liked it.

Learning benefits of text to speech
It was very useful to try different text to speech tools, I would like to incorporate these into my teaching more as it would help many of my learners with LDD needs.

Creating inclusive content: Principles

What is assistive technology?
I have an interest in adult learners with LDDs so listening to the learners as they expressed how they wanted to be treated and included in the design of their learning was great to watch - food for thought. The resources and links at the end of the module were very helpful in confirming what I knew but, more importantly, what I didn't know or hadn't remembered.
edited on 9th September 2020

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