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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
I have some very real problems with the content of this module. PDFs are most definitely not good accessibility practice. Not unless you specify that they must be created in a certain way, checked and certified as accessible especially for people who are blind or partially sighted who use assistive technology. Some of the resources similarly exclude some disabled people. For example, Wakelet is a lovely smooth visual interface but as it includes no option to upload audio it rather excludes those of us who create and use audio (yes I know you can upload videos but that is not the same thing). Some of the resources recommended are so deeply embedded in the American education system in tone and content that I wonder how helpful they can be for UK providers.
The JISC link to BOYD policies is duplicated and I would suggest out of date as it has not been updated since GDPR 2018.

Creating inclusive content: Principles
The resource:
- labelled McNaught does not make it clear that it's about using Xerte. When you first access it if you're not used to deserted dashboard it's not the easiest of resources to use.
- all the publishers Association is a broken link that goes nowhere useful.

It would be helpful, please if module summaries could be labelled with the module names and numbers.