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Immersing learners in Virtual Reality
A good introduction to VR, though there needs to be a wider exploration of 360 VR and computer generated environments accessible via untethered headsets e.g. Pico Neo, Meta Quest. The Rift and HTC Vive are quite costly devices, requiring designated spaces to allow students to access content safely. There should also be something around virtual world platforms e.g. Altspace VR, Mozilla Hubs, Engage, as they offer opportunities for collaborative learning experiences. Moreover, there needs to an emphasis on ensuring VR is equitable for every student , with
a clear consideration of accessibility, alternative learning and assessment approaches if students do not want to use VR. Ethics, health and safety are really important considerations that aren't really brought out. I think this is a great start, but perhaps a suite of training addressing different types of VR, content authoring tools, ethics, source of VR e.g. Steam VR, Meta Store, iOS , Play Store etc.

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