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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
Thought-provoking, but also makes you feel that you are on the right track.

Accessibility and the law: Getting it right
Thank you. This is first nugget from the ACCESSIBILITY unit, and already an eye-opener for me and my organisation. We have some work to do with the forthcoming change in law, but quite rightly so! The additional links for this are great, and I am already addicted to using the 'Nibbler' tool. Great stuff.
edited on 11th August 2020

What is assistive technology?
Mind blowing! The key notes are really useful but it is the additional links that are so useful. There are literally so many websites dedicated to supporting all learners. but I can from this it can also be overwhelming. It would be super helpful if there were a definitive list for 'starters' to get stated with.

Best thing from this is that assistive technology used well will support everyone and not subconsciously label learners with a disability or learning as ‘different’.

Learning benefits of text to speech
Good links to external websites that learners can use for text to speech.

Creating inclusive content: Principles
Some obvious suggestions that can be quickly added but we often forget about, plus again the reference links to additional websites and learning is awesome!
edited on 11th August 2020

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