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The Flipped Classroom
Flipped learning is an efficient means of using class time and not wasting it on being told things that are readily available elsewhere.

Efficiency is key on digital learning for me and for my teaching staff as we teach courses which are on a tight time frame, therefore if learners are coming to classes with prepped knowledge, the teacher can use the class time more effectively rather than having to introduce a topic because it has already been addressed.

Being confident
This module was good as I reflected on what is going in my current working context. The web page was very temperamental on my laptop web browser. I was using Edge on my laptop. I have switched to answering on my mobile for now

Delivering effective learning with technology
Research shows metacognition is second only to timely feedback as an intervention for improving learning outcomes. This is really interesting to know

Dealing with technical problems with digital technology
One of the key things to remember when problem solving is not to panic, i like the step by step process of problem solving that was suggested.

Planning for teaching with technology
Rosenhine's principles of instruction gave me a clear way of practically applying tech in face to face learning.

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