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Julie Wilson

Waltham Forest College
Member since April 2019
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Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 1)
Interesting ideas that we already do - would have liked to see some new ideas really.

Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 2)
Interesting ideas. I would want to check on "ownership" issues before I shared resources, though.

Developing digital problem-solving skills
This was interesting but frustrating - I didn't answer correctly, but felt confident in my answer choices. Oh well

Digital tools for Personal Learning and Development
Sorry, but a bit pointless - I do prevent training every year to remain up to date with advice - can't see the point of this very limited contribution to this important subject.

The Flipped Classroom
This was much better - the information was clear and I felt confident I understood the concepts in order to complete the task correctly. There was less ambiguity.