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Processing Numerical data
This was definitely the most challenging of all the components in all the units. Probably because it has the least relevance to what I do (language teaching) and is least likely that I will ever use.

Teaching and learning for being online
There was a lot of overlap and duplication from some of the other units.

Buying online 2
Too right I have earned this badge. I lost count of how many times I had to retake that quiz. Nearly threw my computer against the wall!
That question on Christmas toys is seriously obscure and I never managed to get it right - how many times did I get 88% because of that one question?

Teaching and learning for using digital devices
This one was much more relevant to my work that many of the other units.

Working with Digital media 2
Nice and easy, this one. I have lots of experience of image and video editing for my own pleasure.

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