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Accessibility and the law: Getting it right
This module was very helpful in clarifying the accessibility requirements for public sector organisations and highlighting the implications for teachers and teaching practice.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
A very useful focus on the impact of delivery for learners who bring their own devices and implications for users of assistive technology. It is often overlooked when considering learners who prefer to work on their own devices.

Accommodating the learner's digital context
It is extremely useful to consider an individual's digital context based on personal access to the appropriate technology. In many instances we do not consider their awareness of it, and the digital skills required to make use of them.

Creating inclusive content: Practice
Reduce the words and add them as notes to the slide.

Make the font smaller so it takes up less space and is less cluttered.

Information could be built-up over several slides instead.

Adding a narrative to make it easier to understand or revise after the class and provide a commentary on the content
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