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Using hashtags
More appropriate for younger learners? Few older learners will access Pinterest/instagram/twitter etc, though maybe we should encourage them to?

Digital well-being for all (Part 2)
Although over 2 years old the Guardian report on what data Google and Facebook hold about you makes interesting reading - perhaps worrying reading to some. It also shows how, by using useful tools such as Google maps and routes and Google docs, a picture of your online life can quickly be assembled. Who has access to this data?????

Best tool for the job
More of a process for the longer term course in that you want learners to develop the ability to select appropriate tools for themselves. Certainly a useful process for beginners but in the time available on a short course this process might be limited.

Innovation: reviewing process and practice
Asking learners to keep a diary of their work process and feelings as a new course develops would be an interesting viewpoint for the tutor.

Implementing innovation and innovative practice
Too often the introduction of major changes, such as the introduction of Office 365 and related tools are carried out with limited training causing alienation and mistrust of the software by tutors

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