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Communicating and Sharing 1
Fine but a few grammatical errors in the questions and answers eg. "Sending a mail" doesn't make sense and also "Which of the following type of message should be treated with extreme caution?" could do with some rewording.

Creating and editing documents
The questions about text to speech were awful.

Buying online 2
The quiz for most of the transacting courses had good but this one was pretty poor. Two particular issues:
"Which of the following are not likely to feature on price comparison websites?" The answer for some reason was web design services. This is incorrect, I have definitely visited comparison sites for web design and as an example, I found this comparison site after one quick google search https://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/website-builders/comparisons/
Another issue was "When comparing the total cost of an item between different sellers you should always take into account which two of the following:" one of the correct answers was the country that the item is dispatched from. This makes no logical sense at all.

Managing traceable activity online
Most quizzes I've done have been 1 or 2 *s but this one was good.

Communicating and Sharing 2
Someone needs to review this question: "What is needed for a video conversation? Choose two answers." as you could only choose ONE answer! And this question "What is the process called when a teacher shares a series of sound files?" is a very poor description of podcasting, it needs rewording.

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