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Accommodating the learner's digital context
Helpful, the extra star is for the resources suggested. Really useful.

Managing learner progress and performance
Thank you. Short and to the point. I will share with my teaching team.
edited on 14th October 2020

Dealing with technical problems
Once again - helpful stuff. Could you check your spelling in the' Breaking down a problem' section - should it read affected not effected?

Creating content: adapt and edit content
Thank you. This all makes good sense. I am still struggling with knowing which digital tools are the right tools, and how they all fit together!

New forms and formats for face-to-face teaching and learning
I really enjoyed this module. It provides useful vocabulary to evaluate our planning and delivery. The links to further resources are really helpful. It is also short, and to the point - effectively mirroring what it has to say about cognitive load.

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