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Sharing resources using links and attachments
Useful module explaining the difference between links and attachments "Whilst attachments to messages is useful in communication between individuals, creating lists of links is an efficient way of making large amounts accessible."

Self-employment and freelancing: business practice and financial advice
A great module to introduce self-employed to learners in early stages to discuss what it entails "Self-employment means taking personal responsibility for cashflow, tax, VAT, loans and banking, insurance, legal compliance, pay and spending."

Collaborating with employers
A good module to start reflecting at the impact of involving employers in educational programmes, especially the vocational ones

Finding employment online
A really good module to embed employability in your courses familiarising learners with online application system supporting them to reflect on their online profiles "This published profile creates the all-important first impression that a potential employer encounters, so it has to convey the particular messages and image that learners want to deliver."

Enhancing employability through social media
Great module to start reflecting on the role of social media in finding a job "Thoughtful, planned use of digital media such as video, photos, embedded sound files and other tools and techniques can build a positive image – or personal brand – that will help a learner to sell themselves as a person."

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