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Using technology to provide stretch and challenge
"Stretch and challenge should be part of every learner’s experience but differentiated for individual circumstances." appears twice in the summary buttons

Independent learners: developing skills for content creation
A great module to reflect on how to foster learner independence!

Supporting revision and recall
I will ponder over "Recall demands active engagement. Passive re-reading of notes or highlighting key points are not
The most common apps use flashcards. Some now include spaced repetition – surfacing questions
at agreed intervals and varying the frequency and format. "

Independent learners creating content
This module will provide food for thought to empower the digital learners. Their teacher should "specify the tools to be used at first, but her constant goals are to nurture self-reliance, develop independence and to move learners to take ownership of their own learning. "

Assessing learners' digital skills and confidence: IAG and beyond
LOvely introduction to the topic, a good tip to use the ‘aspects of good performance checklist in the Performance and Quality guide
published by the ETF

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