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Valeria Panyko

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Connecting with communities of practice for PLD
Being a member of various networks such as TES, LinkedIn, ATS Facebook groups, Twitter and others has had a great impact on my current practice. It's great to learn from each other, share experiences and ideas and to recognize that we are a part of a larger community of educators whose aim is to support our learners every way we can.

Supporting and guiding learners with a VLE

Embedding content into VLEs to improve learning
This unit highlights the significance of VLE. Embedding high quality interactive content to our lessons and providing our students with resources they can use in their own time outside lessons not only extends their learning hours but makes the subject more enjoyable and fun. Also, this way we are equipping our students with technical and problem-solving skills they need in their personal and their work lives.

Developing digital problem-solving skills

Developing collaborative study skills