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Teaching and learning for using digital devices
My rating reflects that I found this very hard going, so no doubt a reflection of m abilities than those of the module.

But I found a lot of the concepts and language very abstract and "airy fairly" so would struggle teaching this - although to be fair I did not carry out the actions.

Being responsible online

Buying online 2
A very important module but some of the answers to the question seemed debatable, eg I am sure I have seen comparison sites comparing web design services!
Also the question about price comparison did not include the specification of the product but included time to arrive, which is not a cost factor.

I just realise this is a really important subject so we need to give clear guidance.

However generally a good module.

One other comment about the language. Words like validation/verification etc and their meanings can be quite challenging for learners without good English which is a significant minority of the ICT learners I see.

Michael McDonald
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