Patricia Stennett

Leeds City College
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I have been teaching ICT for over 20 years and started with Windows 3.11 and am also an IT Course Leader. I have seen many changes and want to keep up with the fast-moving technology to remain effective and also keep myself in the loop.
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Communicating and Sharing 1
This covers a range of skills and awareness. The only problem is that it cannot always be instructions specific as there are so many different devices and it may involve teaching to too many in a class to be effective.

Teaching and learning for using digital devices
Informative, but could perhaps be more explanatory in some areas.

Digital wellbeing
This raises a lot of important issues. Additionally, with the current 'lock down' situation related to the Coronavirus pandemic it is good to focus on the issues created by the necessity to rely on the internet for work, social interaction and buying essential supplies.

Being responsible online
Whilst the points covered are essential, they are often overlooked and unintended hurt and harm can be caused if rules of netiquette and copyright are observed. It is good to reinforce these.

Protecting data (risks)
Good overall overview with useful links. The video really helped illustrate how frustrated and helpless victims can feel.

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