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Creating content: adapt and edit content
This module has given me the incentive to review some of my PowerPoint presentations to see if I can make them more interactive and interesting for my Pre/Entry, Entry-level students.
In particular, I intend to look at the 'Typeform' website as I want to see how I can incorporate online quizzes into my presentations.
Some of the suggestions are not appropriate for my students who do not have the technical 'know-how', resources, or access to a VLE platform, however, I can look at incorporating quizzes, sound files, video links etc. into my presentations. It would also be a good idea to create an audio file of any future presentation so that those students who have visual impairments or dyslexia can access the information.

Finding digital resources online
This course is a useful reminder to 'think outside the box' when it comes to searching for online resources. I will certainly explore some of the links given in the 'Further Resources' section, and I will try to remember to bookmark any interesting websites and sources, so that I can access the information quickly whenever I need to.