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Creating inclusive content: Practice

Accommodating the learner's digital context

Supporting special learning needs
1. A learner attempts to write an assignment using PowerPoint slides for each section of the writing.

Result: The learner produces work but in a way that does not show it in the best light. The technology offers no advantage for the effort made.

'Caused by poor use of technology'.

(then it is caused by lack of access to suitable technology, if the technology offers no advantage for the effort made). Plus they could have produced suitable work, if they had access to suitable technology.

Learning for independent living
Independent living design quiz - could be worded better 'store and retrieve information on a personal device' could be 'using technology to learn'. After all the user would have had to learn to store and retrieve from a repository.

I do like the helpful links to websites

What is assistive technology?
Really good module - but the virtual paint is very old technology now, there has to be better in VR by now?

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