Jenny Harris

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I am an Online Learning Tutor at Petroc College where I facilitate Digital Academy lessons.
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Innovation and Change - Exploring - 1 Star Virtual Learning Environment - VLE - Leading Collaborative Learning - Leading Virtual Learning Environment - VLE - Adopting Collaborative Practice - Exploring Collaborative Learning - Adopting Collaborative Learning - Exploring Digital Practice - Leading The Digital Teacher - Exploring - 1 Star Accessibility - Exploring - 2 Star Accessibility - Exploring - 2 Star Accessibility - Adopting - 2 Star Accessibility - Leading Accessibility - Adopting Accessibility - Exploring

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Identifying and addressing opportunities for innovation and innovative practice
I hadn't heard of SAMR before and really needed more explanation at the beginning explaining what this was about.

Influencing and promoting policy for equitable access
Very informative

Accessibility and the law: Getting it right
Very clear

Accommodating the learner's digital context
I found this one really useful.

Creating inclusive content: Practice

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