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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
I use the students mobiles to complete quizzes, my first task normally is to convince the students that there mobiles can do so much more than just social media, the next stage is to get them to hook up to eduroam so they are not wasting their data on learning. I am aware that some students don't have up-to-date phones or are embarrassed by how old their technology is, so I use a quiz that crosses over to other platforms so they can use class laptops, computers and tablets. As a teacher I use my mobile to find what words mean or how to spell them in front of my students to encourage them to try. Speaking to google needs to be taught and of course they start with the funny or inappropriate but if one of them goes away with this new skill then its an achievement. QR codes are not used enough and I am going to think about how I can use them more within my classroom to encourage the students.