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The nine protected characteristics
I am having difficulty with one of the statements in the find 3 of 6 which a teacher shouldn't challenge question. I am struggling to understand why as a teacher one wouldn't challenge when a student allows their views based on faith or no-faith to affect their reasoning. By definition, reason should be based on logic and therefore supported by evidence. Surely as teachers we should be encouraging students to support their arguments with evidence and not belief. I agree that we shouldn't discriminate against someone based upon religious belief or indeed belittle them because of those beliefs, but surely we should be able to challenge their views especially where there is little or no objective evidence to support that position. What if someone's religious beliefs directly impact upon another protected group or characteristic? In that case I wouldn't challenge their religious belief but I would feel obliged to challenge their assertions and request evidence or proof to uphold that view and would probably provide evidence or proof in the form of a counter-argument.