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Dawn Buzzard is a Further Education and Skills consultant working with The Education and Training Foundation as an associate. Prior to starting her consultancy business Dawn spent over 20 years in the sector where she started as an Adult Education Tutor and then became a College IT Tutor teaching on a range of programme from level 1 to 4. She later moved into a senior management position at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College. Dawn has a keen interest in using technology for learning has led a wide variety of learning technologies projects, developed several e-learning strategies and participated in a number of national advisory groups including the Education Technology Action Group and the FE Coalition. Dawn is currently working on both the EdTech Microlearning and Essential Digital Skills Projects hosted on Enhance. She is keen to see a community of practice develop around these programmes that will help practitioners share approaches to delivering digital skills, ensuring learners have the best experience possible. If you are interested in a volunteer role on the Essential Digital Skills Programme, being a panellist, providing skills support, or leading a discussion on the Community of Practice then please get in touch.
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