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Delivering effective learning with technology
This is a vital skill and is covered well in this module but it can also be supported by assignment rubrics. Metacognition is helped when tutors incorporate elements of it into assignments - eg marks awarded for evidence of planning, for light touch learning journals etc.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
Some good advice and ideas in the case study but I'd dispute making files available as PDF as a solution - html, googledocs, Word online etc provide better experiences on small devices..
edited on 3rd February 2020

Playful learning
Gamification has definitely something to offer and I've found some activities really benefit and get students buzzing. However I've also found tasks and activities that don't lend themselves to gamification or where the modest value added is simply not worth it. The examples used in this module were really good (thought sample activity lacked the information it needed to move beyond a telepathy exercise...). It could have been useful to highlight what makes a bad example of gamification as well - I've probably seen as many bad examples as good ones. Worth also saying that some students will be resistant to gaming while others will be so obsessed with winning that the actual learning is quickly forgotten.

New forms and formats for Blended Learning
I hadn't realised Sway could now be used collaboratively - that's a useful tip I learned.

New forms and formats for face-to-face teaching and learning
Awareness of cognition research is vital in teaching and it's great to see recommendations based on this. However, "cognitive overload and the volume of content" are often dictated by the demands of the awarding body and the syllabus. The biggest constraint is getting through the content in time so this approach can really only work if flipped learning is embedded alongside the explicit recognition that the content has to be covered by the students themselves outside the sessions and the application will be covered in face to face time. If learners rely on teachers to transmit all the content as well as help them understand it and apply it then , this kind of learning is well nigh impossible.

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