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Working with others to identify own CPD and collaborative networks
A very clear outline of the different ways to identify CPD needs and to benefit from working collaboratively with others. CPD can be a lonely pursuit when trying to develop skills on one's own. However sharing ideas with others broadens one's understanding of a subject area and helps to appreciate the different skills and levels of knowledge that other colleagues may have

How to tread a positive digital footprint
This is an excellent module, encouraging the tutor to consider the impact of the use of ICT without complicating it with issues relating to Data Protection. It encourages the learner to think about the ways in which information displayed or posted can be misinterpreted and the consequences of that.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
An interesting introduction to a wide range of technology that can be used to improve the learner experience.

Connecting with communities of practice for PLD
A very quick overview of methods and resources to underpin the importance of sharing good practice
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