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Sharing resources using links and attachments
Most of this content seemed like common sense - not sure that it required a module to itself?

Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 1)
I feel this is an area I was already fairly confident in.

Digital problem-solving skills
Some good suggestions, but a practical e.g. of what a roleplay or simulation around problem solving might be would have been useful.

Collaborating with learners synchronously (Part 1)
Some good content, but some of the assessment questions were ambiguous e.g. 'Comments on a point made' could equally be an example of assessment as engagement (if it demonstrated learning). Yet despite acknowledging that this task answers were subjective and this was not a test, the automated marking bot still concluded this was 'not quite right'.

Influencing and promoting policy for equitable access
More specific examples in the self-assessment task would have been useful.

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