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Matthew Gordon

Waltham Forest College
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English Lecturer. Drop me a line anytime @mattgordonwfc matthew.gordon@waltham.ac.uk
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Recently Rated

How to improve feedback using audio and video
Makes a few good points on quality of feedback and immediacy of task. Could certainly improve/develop learner engagement too.

Enhancing learning resources with AR
Simply fascinating. So many applications for this sort of technology that it would/could be (too?) easy to get carried away with the tech at the expense of the learning objectives.

Improving your approach to searching online
I thought it was a pretty useful reminder on refining things, and agree with the summary '(s)earches are only as good as the quality of the question asked'.

Designing mobile-friendly learning
The video is useful...the questions/task is a bit confusing though, even when the answers are revealed.

The limitations of personalised learning
Balanced and interesting- good exercises too.