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Face-to-face learning 2: Using class technology
I agree with the fact that the introduction of technology warrants a change in methods of delivery. It's a learning process to get the balance right and see the four M's working effectively.

Learners managing their own learning
A good highlight of the need for students to take responsibility for management of their own learning.

Using planning tools for managing learning
Managing and organising workload is an essential task for teachers in an increasingly complex work environment and integrated software suites can provide a workable solution. However the effectiveness of this lends itself more to larger institutions and may not add value to smaller organisations.

Face-to-face learning 1: The four Ms
A good start in introducing the 4 M's. More indepth information will be required for me to be able to embed this in my practice.

The Flipped Classroom
Very informatiive and provides simple ideas that can be put into practice

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