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Creating inclusive content: Practice
I really enjoyed the learning. The video was great, and what I really liked was how there was more learning below the video. The assessments ere clearly explained and enabled me to extend my learning and apply to my situation.

Accommodating the learner's digital context
A really useful module that made me think about how I could establish a learner's access to technology and their ability with technology at the start of their programme.

Supporting special learning needs
A great overview - the assessments didn't really link to the learning and the video was very much an overview.

Learning for independent living
This is a great overview, which could have been done with a lot more detail. I don't think the video enabled me to answer the assessment question. When I got the assessment wrong, I was given no real help as to why I was wrong, so I'm no further with my understanding.

Learning benefits of text to speech
This is a great explanation of the differences between screen readers and text to speech. It also allowed me to try an app and give evaluate. There were lots of useful resources for different situations included at the bottom of the module too.

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