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Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 1)
I'm surprised how basic this first module is, but I suppose it's important to start at the beginning, so that's OK. My one concern is in the part about the collaborative task for learners. It doesn't seem to take account of the research on collaborative peer learning, which suggests that it is very fraught with risk unless actively managed by the teacher. Among the key risks are (1) each learner only truly understands the portion of the task they tackled; (2) learners mislead each other inadvertently because their understanding is less than perfect (3) learners mislead each other inadvertently because their communication skills are not up to the 'teaching' task (4) learners inadvertently mislead each other because their shaky grip of the concepts does not allow them to identify misconceptions in their peers (5) learners inadvertently mislead each other because social dynamics interfere with the learning process eg. I do not want to tell my colleague that he has not understood it (6) some learners do more than their fair share of the work (7) the teacher cannot disentangle what each group member has learned - between them they may collectively understand the whole task, but individually do not.

Share, Collaborate, Improve (Part 2)
This was thought-provoking and useful. Now I'd like to go further and see how to actually use some of the IT tools mentioned.