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Delivering effective teaching, learning and assessment
In the situation we have experienced over the last few months having regular contact with my learners has been important in relation to checking for signs of falling pace and disengagement and the use of Teams as enabled me to work with them individually if necessary.

Using online educational information
I felt this was not as good as other parts of the module

Overcoming technical restriction on resources found online
Good part of this module- Trying to find a working version of some of todays resources can be extremely frustrating and finding if there are initial system incompatibilities can be time consuming and then you find that often the students cannot get the resources to work on their own computers.

Future proofing content - what does it mean?
I agree it is imperative that we design all our learning activities and assessments with a view to regular updating and reviewing .

Creating content: adapt and edit content
I enjoyed this part of the module and I feel it is important that as teachers that we learn how to adapt and edit what we already have, rather than 'reinventing the wheel'

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