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New forms and formats for Blended Learning
This is a great module, and I think highly valuable to look at in conjunction with the Flipped Learner.

Best tool for the job
Clear and instructional module for passing our skills of selecting the right tool for the job, onto our learners. Emphasis not just on learning but on how to problem solve and make own choices.

New forms and formats for face-to-face teaching and learning
Another great model to consider when using technology to help with learning. It has enabled me to reflect on my practice and where the major challenges lie.

The Flipped Classroom
Loved this module, inspired me to do some research within my organisation and completely switch up my practice to be more specific and supportive. It also enabled me to embed key elements in FE that the students need to work on like BAKS, employability skills, wellbeing, progression, and ownership of their own learning.

Being confident
I think every practitioner should do this module! Good for those who lack confidence, and good for those who are confident to try everything! Helps us see how we can be better at our own practice, and how we can share best practice with others too. Highly recommend.

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