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New forms and formats for face-to-face teaching and learning
Interesting module- I think the three elements of load are often overlooked. There always seems to be more to teach is less time- but less is more. By cutting back the content and layering and revisiting really helps with retention.

New forms and formats for Blended Learning
A good introduction to the benefits of blended learning. I disagree with the definition used for blended learning. There is a need for interactive elements, but this can be reproduced online through platforms like Google or Zoom, it does not need to be face to face to work as a blended model.

Being confident
Very basic module but good fr those who have a fear of change or technology.

Extending your digital skills
Interesting topic, with a few good ideas to consider. Liked the Learning wheel a useful tool.

Best tool for the job
Some interesting elements, but very basic. The assessment statements are not really clear, and a bit ambiguous

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