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Communicating and Sharing 1
Nice intro to communications. On the quiz, while the answers match up to the course content, I would argue there are some areas which are a little more nuanced than the module outlines. For instance, theoretically mailing lists may seem infinite, but in all likelihood, emails to massive lists of contacts will be blocked at some point in the process, if not by your mail provider, by your employer. We see lots of attempts to send to mailing lists through a normal email client, which might be better served by a newsletter tool. It would be nice to see a little more mention of those sort of tools in this module, and that "unlimited" may not actually be infinite.

Protecting data (risks)
This is a very helpful module for those delving into Digital skills. Some useful guidance on security and passwords - It would also be beneficial to include some of the new guidance on password complexity and random unrelated word use if revisiting this module in future development.

Processing Numerical data
This is a handy little module for business spreadsheet users - as a bit of revision for terminology and also for those entirely new to spreadsheets.

Note: Graphs and charts can now also be shown in cells

Managing and Storing information
Thought this was a really useful module for colleagues - file management activities are often overlooked, and programmes like CLAIT haven't necessarily made their way into everyone study programme over the last 10-15 years, so a lot of people overlook the importance of understanding file management.

It's useful to have something which encourages learners to think about file types, and the apps they open, naming conventions and general skills in this area.

Only suggestion for improvement is with wording on quiz questions to remove any ambiguity, perhaps use of "folders & sub-folders" instead of drives

Managing traceable activity online
Useful module! It touches on GDPR and security. It would be great to see some deeper thought on passwords, particularly the complexity requirements, and perhaps in line with current thoughts on human friendly but random word themed passwords.

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