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Creating content - video
I really liked this video. It was really informative. I liked that it gave a platform for the practitioner to go away and research and perhaps use with their own learners. Flipgrid.

Creating content - Animation
A good little video that shows and explains the pros and cons of the animation in delivery sessions. I did find that the spoken voiced was rushed whilst giving the information.
edited on 21st March 2021

Supporting learners online
Supporting learners on line is vital to ensure the success of the topics being delivered. I agree that when to contact the trainer is important in setting ground rules because whilst it is online, it doesn't mean that the tutor is always going to be free. Setting this clear expectation can help with the commitment of the learning.
edited on 21st March 2021

Managing learner progress and performance
This video, clearly shows how interaction with your learners whilst working remotely is vital to monitor the progress being made throughout the session. Introducing other professional as mentioned in the video, needs proper introduction. A learner may not be open to support if this is just thrown upon them like this video suggests. Quizzes are a nice tool to monitor progress of learning, however, some learners may already have an understanding of the subject.
edited on 21st March 2021

Collaborating with learners synchronously (Part 2)
The video was well paced to help with the learning outcomes. Reflection is just as important from the learners, and not just on the trainer themselves to reflect on whether the session was a success on line. I do agree that working with peers and other departments can ensure that the session is fully operational before the session.
edited on 21st March 2021

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