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Using online educational information
A number of issues with this content. The first activity didn't define what was meant with the different terms used. The second task stated 4 in one box and 2 in the other yet they only gave 4 answers in total.

Setting up and preparation for an online programme
Some good points within the video to be aware of. Nothing earth shattering about the content of this one. But something that everyone can probably do better. As we create something we come protective of it and can blame the learner for not following instructions/ not being IT savvy. Whereas we need to find the issue and resolve it and put processes in place to prevent the same issues happening. This could be by creating learning content away from the course content to help with study skills, time management etc. Definitely something to think about.

Peer learning and self-regulation in f2f, blended and online contexts
Peer learning is often something that I overlook with our business working across multiple locations and employers it makes it challenging. However I need to think of a way to support this and give others the opportunity to work with peers and network which could help them in the future.
I am going to explore setting up a monthly drop in/network session for each group of learners to engage with their peers.

Organising learning
Learning Workflow is something that I need to consider more, and how I manage this. So far I have written a curriculum that I think is manageable and sequenced well for internal staff. However I need to see how this fits with learners before re-evaluating and challenging my thoughts and peers around the workflow.
Some useful links within the additional reading material, that I will explore particularly the Youtube videos to support.

Improving your approach to searching online
This was a great topic and really liked how simple the information was presented. Have already looked to see how I can use it for some of the learners I have around providing further IAG.

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