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EDS - Using devices and handling information

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Working with Digital media 1
I found myself making notes about how to teach this a lot more than in other modules. Not entirely surprising.
edited on 25th September 2020

Managing and Storing information
Liked it, though I do wonder for how much longer the filing cabinet analogy will be relevant. How many people still have them at home or in the workplace? Some indication of file sizes for typical content would be useful. How big is the average photo file? Video file? Half-hour Podcast? How many can you fit on a given external storage device? Scope for an infographic there, I think.

Finding and evaluating information
I liked the videos here, engaging, short and clear. I found the language of the explanations a little convoluted at times, and spotted a number of typos and errors. E.g. in the final activities section, the quote "Agnus Dei, qui tollis piccata mundi". Piccata is a thin escalope of veal. Peccata means sins. Unless it was a deliberate error... I would prefer the phrase "hone in" to read "home in", avoiding this Americanism. A question about PDFs stated "Pages can be printed as these so they may be downloaded". I think printed and downloaded should be the other way around. Google Chrome isn't a search engine, it is a browser and operating system. Other than these minor things it is a comprehensive and useful tutorial with lots of thoughtful exercises and examples.

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