EdTech: Smartphones for learning

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Module description.

The scale of smartphone ownership coupled with the transformative nature of smartphone technology and the apps and tools that it supports give it great potential as a learning technology and platform. This module explores some of the opportunities and possibilities for adopting smartphones into teaching and learning practice.

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20th January 2021
Ikraam Hussain
The rating is 4 out of 5
Our Response: Thank you.
19th January 2021
The rating is 3 out of 5
Our Response: Thanks for taking the time to review your experience.
15th January 2021
Victoria Stafford
The rating is 5 out of 5
Our Response: Cool!
14th January 2021
Cass Giles
The rating is 4 out of 5
Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
14th January 2021
Robin Burrows-Ellis
The rating is 5 out of 5
Our Response: You feedback is important to us and will inform our future development.