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EdTech: Using Creative Commons


The non-profit Creative Commons (CC) organisation was set up to make it easy to share and use creative content online. Licensing is simple and free on the organisation’s website. This module looks at Creative Commons as a method of copyrighting work and the advantages for users and authors alike.


The module shows you how and why to attach open licences to your own content.


After completing the module, you will be able to:
- Asses the benefits, practicality and value of attaching open licences to your own content
- recognise the restrictions imposed by third party rights (legal and ethical) on securing your own rights.

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - B1b : Sharing teaching and learning resources with colleagues

  • Share resources using links or as attachments, or on online platforms or personal or institutional websites/ blogs.
  • Share one's own repositories of resources with others, managing their access and rights as appropriate.
  • Identify and respect copyright restrictions to using, re-using and modifying digital resources.
  • Appropriately reference sources when sharing or publishing resources subject to copyright.
  • Attribute (open) licences to selfcreated resources.
  • Take measures to protect sensitive data and resources (e.g. learners' grades, exams).
  • Share administrative and learnerrelated data with colleagues and learners.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

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A good introduction to Creative Commons.

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