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EDS: Managing traceable activity online

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This module looks at the types of digital activities that leave a 'digital footprint' and understand the personal implications for the user in having those footprints. It includes considering how to make the most of leaving information in web sites that help form relationships and speed up interactivity, and those where the opposite effects occur that relate to how others may misjudge actions and abuse having personal data about other's use that may have been unwittingly or maliciously obtained.

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To develop your understanding, skills and confidence to teach competencies in Managing traceable activity online from the Communicating skills area of the National standards for essential digital skills (2019).


At the end of the module you will be able to:

- Explain the key knowledge components required to teach Managing traceable activity online
- Apply the technical skills identified in the module
- Facilitate effective learning of this area of the standards at the relevant level - (Entry or Level 1)

Essental Digital Skills

This module covers the EDS component - 3.2 : Managing traceable online activities
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