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EDS: Working with Digital media 1


This module looks at the knowledge and skills you need in order to teach Creating and editing digital media at Entry Level.

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To develop your understanding, skills and confidence to teach competencies in Creating digital media from the Creating and editing skills area of the National standards for essential digital skills (2019).


At the end of the module you will be able to:

- Explain the key knowledge components required to teach Creating digital media
- Apply the technical skills identified in the module
- Facilitate effective learning of this area of the standards at the entry level

Essental Digital Skills

This module covers the EDS component - 2.2 : Creating and editing digital media
More about the Essental Digital Skills

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30th March 2020
Sean Noble

A couple of typos.

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26th March 2020
Emily Stevens

Our Response: Appreciated!
26th March 2020
Lesley Beckwith

Our Response: Appreciated!
25th March 2020 (edited on 25th March 2020)
Kelly Royle

This module is very useful for me. The learners are very visual/auditory in my class due to their level.

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23rd March 2020
Graeme Edwards

Our Response: Cool!
15th March 2020
Joanne Griffin

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6th March 2020
Jennie Cole

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18th February 2020
Matthew Gordon

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17th February 2020
Debbie Sargeant

Our Response: Cool!
10th February 2020
Julie Francis

Really good and interesting. I have learnt so much. It seems a lot for Entry Level. Will be interested to look at the Level 1 requirements.

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