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EdTech: Personalised learning pathways


Digital technology enables us to create personalised pathways that provide a unique route to learning for all learners, particularly individuals who are less likely to benefit from mainstream options.

This module looks at the characteristics and features of personalised learning and the contributing factors that make them possible in practice.


The module shows you the features of personalised learning pathways.


After completing this module, you will be able to:
- list the key features of personalised learning pathways
- describe the organisational, cultural and pedagogic enablers of personalised learning pathways

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - F2 : Equality and diversity

  • Address the special needs of individual learners (e.g. dyslexia, ADHD, overachievers) using digital technologies
  • Allow for different learning pathways, levels and speeds when designing, selecting and implementing digital learning activities.
  • Devise individual learning plans and use digital technologies to support these.
  • Adapt communication strategies to the specific audience and be aware of cultural and generational diversity in digital environments
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Taking note of your feedback
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31st March 2020
eric thompson

Our Response: Appreciated!
31st March 2020
Chris Sturdy

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30th March 2020
Emily Collins

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27th March 2020
Chloe Manock

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26th March 2020
David Vincent

like all learning, it is better if there are no distractions, phone call from work, hence the rubbish score, however I could have restarted the module, will revisit at a later date.

Our Response: Thanks! Always helpful for us and your peers to read your recommendations.
25th March 2020
dawn goodman

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20th March 2020
sheila barton

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11th March 2020
Jon Honey

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10th March 2020
samantha williams

Our Response: Cool!
26th February 2020
Sally Betts

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16th February 2020
Ellen-Alyssa Gambles

It is a basic introduction. Would have liked more information on this topic though

Our Response: Thank you we appreciate your comments and have noted them.
9th February 2020
Gary Dring

Our Response: Great thanks!
3rd February 2020
Alistair McNaught

It's a good example but somewhat specialist - it's worth saying a lot more about the scope of simple things to personalise learning pathways - effective use of the VLE to provide alternative case studies, alternative option modules, differentiated resources, text based .v. video based explanations etc. Giving learners choices is one of the hallmarks of good VLE practice. It would be good to reflect these mundane things as well as the more specialised considerations in the case study.

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20th January 2020
Robert Kerr

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10th January 2020
Jackie Porritt


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20th December 2019
Matthew Gordon

Practical prompting for many of us to reflect on.

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