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EdTech: Learning benefits of text to speech


This module explores the use of spoken text through devices such as e-readers and eBooks to overcome barriers to learning for a range of learners, not only those with a sight impairment.


This module shows the uses of screen readers and screen readable learning content to support learning.


After completing this module you will be able to:
- describe the uses of screen readers and text to speech for supporting learning
- design learning and assessment activities that use screen readable resources.

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - B1a : Using teaching and learning resources with learners

  • Visualise and explain new concepts in a motivating and engaging way using digital technologies e.g. by using animations or videos.
  • Use motivating and engaging activities (e.g. games and quizzes) in digital learning environments.
  • Put learners' active uses of digital technologies central to the teaching process.
  • Allow learners actively to engage with subject matter using digital technologies, e.g. using different senses, manipulating virtual objects, varying the problem set up to enquire into its structure, etc.
  • Promote active learning in a given learning context or for a specific learning objective using appropriate digital technologies.
  • Reflect on how suitable the different digital technologies used are in increasing learners' active learning, and to adapt strategies and choices accordingly.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Taking note of your feedback
We greatly appreciate the time taken to provide us with feedback on each module. We regularly review all the feedback provided and use it to inform the development of new modules. Subject to funds being available and other constraints, we will amend existing modules where feedback shows this is required.
4th February 2020
Rachel Sherwood

This is something I never considered before, but will find an appropriate site to use

Our Response: Thanks! Always helpful for us and your peers to read your recommendations.
3rd February 2020
Alistair McNaught

Very useful to distinguish between screenreaders and text to speech - these are often confused.

Our Response: Adding a comment to your rating makes a real difference! Thanks.
2nd February 2020
Marion Harrison

Our Response: Appreciated!
29th January 2020
dawn goodman

Our Response: Looks like we did not quite meet your expectations. Thanks for your feedback.
10th January 2020
Patricia Odell

Our Response: Thank you.
8th January 2020
Samantha Jellyman

Useful, particularly the links to the resources that could be used, interestingly i never thought about how this could be used to support learners to proofread their work.

Our Response: Thanks! Always helpful for us and your peers to read your recommendations.
7th January 2020
Julie Meredith

Our Response: Thank you.
21st December 2019
Matthew Gordon

Our Response: Looks like we did not quite meet your expectations. Thanks for your feedback.
11th December 2019
Silvia Brovelli

Our Response: Cool!
1st December 2019
Lesley Beckwith

Our Response: Thank you.
25th November 2019
Sharon Yates

useful websites that might come in handy to support poor readers.

Our Response: Thank you for your helpful comments which will inform our ongoing development.
25th November 2019
stephen parker

Our Response: Great thanks!
19th November 2019
tracy cranston

Our Response: Cool!
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