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EdTech: Accessibility and the law: Getting it right


Legislation for accessibility changed in a very positive way with The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations (2018). This module looks at how to stay on the right side of these regulations.


This module shows you the issues and implications of current legislation around accessibility.


After completing this module you will be able to:
- identify the key elements of the law regarding accessibility
- describe the implications for your teaching practice

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - F1 : Accessibility

  • Provide equitable access to appropriate digital technologies and resources, e.g. ensuring that all learners have access to the digital technologies used.
  • Select and use digital strategies which respond to the learner's digital context, e.g. contextual constraints to their technology use (e.g. availability, institutional restrictions - offender learning, work based learning), competences, expectations, attitudes, misconceptions and misuses.
  • Use digital technologies and strategies, e.g. assistive technologies, designed for learners' in need of special support (e.g. learners with physical or mental constraints; learners with learning disorders).
  • Consider and respond to potential accessibility issues when selecting, modifying or creating digital resources and to provide alternative or compensatory tools or approaches for learners with special needs.
  • Use design principles for increasing accessibility for the resources and digital environments used in teaching.
  • Continuously monitor and reflect on the suitability of the measures implemented to improve accessibility and adapt strategies accordingly.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

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19th February 2020
Jane Tomlinson

Our Response: Glad this module met your expectations!
13th February 2020
Constance Henry

Our Response: Cool!
6th February 2020
Mark Butler

highlighted some areas for me to work on

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Skills Logic

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31st January 2020
Rich Buckley

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13th January 2020
Patricia Odell

Very helpful refresher on latest legislation

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7th January 2020
Julie Meredith

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6th January 2020
Vikki Liogier

Really impressed with Nibbler ( https://nibbler.silktide.com/ ) as a tool to review accessibility of a platform. I also felt that the module was effective in summarising the new accessibility compliance regulation. It helped me in drawing a basic plan of what I need to do by September 2020.

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2nd January 2020
Matthew Gordon

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23rd November 2019
Sharon Yates

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