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EdTech: What is assistive technology?


This module explores the range of accessibility assistance, from common mainstream software, apps and tools, through to the specialist or bespoke technology for complex individual needs, and its implications for teaching and learning practice.


This module shows you how what assistive technology is and the role it plays in lowering barriers to learning for its users.


After completing this module you will be able to:
- describe the affordances and requirements of the main forms of assistive technology
- adjust or supplement your teaching and learning practice and resources to support users of assistive technology

Digital Teaching Professional Framework

This module covers the EdTech component - F1 : Accessibility

  • Provide equitable access to appropriate digital technologies and resources, e.g. ensuring that all learners have access to the digital technologies used.
  • Select and use digital strategies which respond to the learner's digital context, e.g. contextual constraints to their technology use (e.g. availability, institutional restrictions - offender learning, work based learning), competences, expectations, attitudes, misconceptions and misuses.
  • Use digital technologies and strategies, e.g. assistive technologies, designed for learners' in need of special support (e.g. learners with physical or mental constraints; learners with learning disorders).
  • Consider and respond to potential accessibility issues when selecting, modifying or creating digital resources and to provide alternative or compensatory tools or approaches for learners with special needs.
  • Use design principles for increasing accessibility for the resources and digital environments used in teaching.
  • Continuously monitor and reflect on the suitability of the measures implemented to improve accessibility and adapt strategies accordingly.
More about the Digital Teaching Professional Framework

Taking note of your feedback
We greatly appreciate the time taken to provide us with feedback on each module. We regularly review all the feedback provided and use it to inform the development of new modules. Subject to funds being available and other constraints, we will amend existing modules where feedback shows this is required.
24th February 2020
samantha williams

Our Response: Thank you. We appreciate your feedback. It is important for us to understand how to improve our training modules and, subject to you having given consent, we will be in touch to discuss it further with you. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk on 0330 22 333 63. Understanding your views is important to us.
21st February 2020
Sally Betts

I really like the suggestion to use the Mercury Reader App, an extension for Chrome, removing ads and distractions from web pages. This is so useful for learners with dyslexia, low literacy skills, ESOL learners etc. In fact, I think it's useful for us all, it is so easy to get distracted, so this is a time saving tool too!

Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
19th February 2020
Jane Tomlinson

Our Response: Great thanks!
11th February 2020
Peter Reeves

Good module but limited assessment of learning

Our Response: Thank you we appreciate your comments and have noted them.
4th February 2020
Rachel Sherwood

Again, I brilliant resource to remind us about different technology to use for all abilities

Our Response: Thanks! Always helpful for us and your peers to read your recommendations.
2nd February 2020
Marion Harrison

Useful information to start journey on learning more about accessibility. Good links for further reading.

Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
29th January 2020
dawn goodman

Assistive technology is a great way to support students/learners who have a disability whilst developing their skills in a learning environment as it stops them from being treated differently and helps with their learning as they become more engaged in lessons.

Our Response: Thank you for your helpful comments which will inform our ongoing development.
28th January 2020
Constance Henry

Really good information. I have downloaded the transcript and saved all of the links for further resources to look into in more detail. I am looking forward to using some of these assisted technologies with my learners.

Our Response: Your comments are appreciated and will be helpful in serving and building our community of practice.
16th January 2020
Christina Copperthwaite

Our Response: Great thanks!
14th January 2020
Alistair McNaught

Our Response: Cool!
10th January 2020
Patricia Odell

Our Response: Appreciated!
7th January 2020
Julie Meredith

Our Response: Cool!
21st December 2019
Matthew Gordon

Decent enough to explore the basics, and the list of resources does have some useful links.

Our Response: A comment is always helpful, thanks.
11th December 2019
Silvia Brovelli

Our Response: Thanks for your rating.
5th December 2019
Ingrid Orea

Our Response: Thanks for taking the time to review your experience.
4th December 2019
Louise Barron

Our Response: Thank you. We have noted your feedback.
28th November 2019
Sharon Yates

Some useful ideas so that learners can stop being distracted.

Our Response: Thank you for your helpful comments which will inform our ongoing development.
15th November 2019
Clare Roberts

I'm finding that the modules are too short to give any more than a very brief introduction - only really suitable for people who are at a very basic level. Although the links at the bottom are potentially much more useful.

Our Response: Thank you we appreciate your comments and have noted them.
14th November 2019
Jodie Brace

Our Response: Great thanks!
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